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Planting Clematis in Containers

Many varieties of clematis are ideally suited to container growing. Special care must be given to choosing the right container, the right support, the right soil and of course the variety - just right for that special spot. The minimum size of container is 18" wide by 18" high by 18" deep (45cm x 45cm x 45cm). In picking a container, metal or any material that conducts heat should be avoided. A potting soil with a high content of coarse peat moss will help retain moisture but also provide sufficient drainage. Proper support is very important. If you are going to grow your clematis against a wall, a trellis of some sort is required. In lieu of a trellis sweet pea netting stapled to a fence or wall serves as an inexpensive and effective support. If you wish to have your container free standing, a tripod of bamboo or cedar stakes works very well.

A tripod of strong canes makes a good free standing support. Many different trellises work equally well.

If your container is large enough annuals or a ground cover can be planted on the surface. Feed and water often to encourage blooms all summer.

The root ball should be in the center of the container.

Use a good potting soil.

Be sure to allow good drainage.

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